Interview with Micah Blake McCurdy (@IneffectiveMath) + DFS NHL 2/9/17


Micah Blake McCurdy (@IneffectiveMath on Twitter), mastermind behind, joins the show to discuss his mathematical background, his experience with hockey, and how the two combined to spawn his amazing website. Tune in to catch some enlightening viewpoints on the league from an admitted fantasy outsider, and how he believes his tools, and other resources, can be useful for our purposes in DFS NHL. You certainly do not want to miss out, so please give it a listen and show some love on Twitter, we’d love to get some more amazing guests on the show. A huge thank you goes out to Micah for taking the time to join us, if you aren’t using HockeyViz, now is a fantastic time to start. And do consider supporting his work through Patreon, as a supporter myself I can assure you the premium features are worth every penny.

At around the 43-minute mark (42:52 to be exact) Micah leaves us, and Doug replaces him to go over Thursday’s jam-packed 11-game slate.

Just a quick note, Matt’s breaking in a brand-new (real!) microphone, around halfway through he figured out the slight buzz or hum you might notice. Sorry about that.

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