Morning Skate Podcast – 12/28

DJ and Matt walk through a 7-game Thursday NHL DFS slate. Includes a brief recap of Wednesday Night and looking forward to Thursday Night. Be sure to let us know your thoughts on how to treat the listener league!

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Morning Skate Podcast – Midseason Awards

Matt and DJ take advantage of a schedule break to dive into some of the superlatives of the early season from a DFS perspective. They hand out awards for Best Newcomer, Biggest Surprise, and many more, wrapping it up with the Morning Skate Pod Allstar Team, with many of your favorites as headliners.

Tune in to an evergreen podcast at your leisure and prep for the New Year and all of the DFS goodness to come!

Morning Skate Podcast – 12/8

DJ and Matt cover a 5-game slate and get ready to head into the weekend on this wonderful Friday. Overjoyed by the presence of his two favorite teams, Minnesota at Anaheim, with some dream news impacting both teams in the late night hammer, you won’t want to miss Matt’s excitement to end the show.

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