Morning Skate Podcast – 3/12/20 – Perfect Bracket Lottery & The Day The World Lost Its Absolute F&%#ing mind

0:00 – Discussion on The Perfect Bracket Lottery,, a new and innovative way to follow the action of College Basketball’s March Madness!

22:20 – Transition to Thursday’s NHL DFS Slate, complete with live-action responses to the news that the NBA would cancel the remainder of their season, along with rampant speculation that the NHL would do the same.


Matt and DJ are joined by the masterminds behind one of the most innovative concepts to hit the sports market in a while: the Perfect Bracket Lottery. Marlin and Paul were kind enough to come talk to us on the podcast about the concept, some of the logistics, and what you can expect after you sign up. Sign-up is free, $500 will go to the lucky person who possesses the perfect bracket (the beauty is, it is GUARANTEED that someone will!), and it will make your March Madness experience that much more intense and fun to follow. Find them on Twitter @BracketLottery and sign-up now at their website!

We are excited to partner with them as the idea frankly is enviable and we think will blow up, so sign up at the link above for a FREE chance at $500! Also, tweet us a photo of your confirmation email upon sign-up and you’ll be entered to win a Morning Skate Pod shirt!

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