NHL Round Three – Playoff Series Preview

Matt and DJ recap an incredible series in Vegas-Colorado and give an overview of the two remaining matchups in the NHL Playoffs – Tampa vs. Islanders and Vegas vs. Montreal.

Tune in for their thoughts on how each series goes, notes worthy of consideration for your DFS play, and much more!

Matt and DJ have joined the Mayo Media Network, serving as hosts for the Daily Fantasy Hockey Picks and Bets show on Tuesdays and Thursdays, which for the playoffs will serve as a companion show to the MSP!

You can listen on YouTube and Apple Podcasts (as well as anywhere you get your podcasts)! Check it out and subscribe for more NHL talk!

Follow us on Twitter @MorningSkatePod and rate/review the show if you like it! DM us to join the Discord, currently with over 100 members, where we talk plays and news throughout the day.

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