Morning Skate Podcast – 10/19/17

DJ, Matt and Doug cover Thursday’s Slate. Tune in to hear DJ sing and hear Matt sing the praises of Ryan Pulock, while Doug tries to keep this show from going off the rails. If you make it through DJ singing, tune in for the best DFS NHL advice out there!

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Daily Fantasy NHL Slate Overview – 10/10/17

Doug and Matt team up to tackle a relatively modest Tuesday slate. They take advantage of DJ’s absence by talking a bit about analytics and how they correlate with DFS success, as well as some of the nuances to learn going forward. In addition, they cover the top plays at every position for your cash and GPP needs.


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NHL Round Two Preview -**Fixed, should be an hour long not 30 minutes!**

Matt and DJ cover the four series ahead of us, the past two weeks of hockey (RIP Minnesota, gone too soon), and discuss just how doomed the Sabres are.

It is also the last Morning Skate Pod of the year, so thank you so much for taking the time to listen all season! Be sure to follow us @morningskatepod and leave an iTunes review, we are looking forward to October already!

But first, playoff hockey. Tune in to hear our takes on the games, the injuries, the fantasy environment, and how to best build your DFS teams in the last weeks of hockey for a while!

Daily Fantasy NHL Playoff Preview

After a demoralizing chain of events on Monday, resulting in a lost podcast, Matt Riegler joins Matt (and DJ, but at separate times for the second go-around) to talk about the on-going playoffs and the news, notes, and information you need to know to capitalize on the DFS NHL slates within. DJ and Matt Moody start with the West, and then about halfway through DJ takes off, and Matt Riegler of Rotoworld NHL (and @MattRiegler on Twitter) joins Moods to talk about the East. Although you are listening to this sometime after Wednesday night, these were recorded prior to any of the games, so be sure to keep up with the latest injuries, line changes, and deployment strategies which are crucial to succeeding in NHL DFS at this time of year.

Huge thanks to Matt for joining us not only once, but twice, and hope you guys enjoy despite the struggles we went through to get the pod recorded!

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Daily Fantasy NHL Slate Breakdown – 2/16/2017

We are starting a GroupMe chat room! DM us on Twitter for an invite, and join us in some pregame news updates, midgame tilting, and hopefully, postgame celebrations!

DJ and Matt cover Thursday’s 8 game slate and put together some interesting GPP and cash lineups. If you are hurt and in a car call Paajarvi, Barbashev, and Agostino!  If you have any questions you’d like answered by one of the analytics community’s best resources, tweet at us!

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10/17 Daily Fantasy Hockey Preview

DJ and Matt discuss Monday’s 4-game slate, recapping a fantastic weekend and going in-depth on the best plays for your #DFS lineups on Monday.

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Daily Fantasy Hockey 10/13 Preview

Matt and DJ tackle the 9 game slate for Thursday. The first real slate of the season! Be sure to follow us on Twitter @MorningSkatePod.

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