Morning Skate Podcast – 3/15/19 NHL Slate Breakdown

Matt covers Friday’s 6-game slate with player news, lineup notes, and top plays for Daily Fantasy Hockey on DraftKings.

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Morning Skate Podcast – 3/12/19 NHL Slate Breakdown and Morning Skate Madness Announcement

Tune in as Matt and DJ walk you through Tuesday’s 8-game slate with $20k to first on DraftKings. Player news, lineup notes, and lots of DFS talk to help you build your lineups.

We have also announced Morning Skate Madness 2019, a DraftKings NHL Bracket Tournament that you can join HERE by filling out the Google Sheets Form. Read the Rules for more info.

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Morning Skate Podcast – 2/26/19 NHL Slate Breakdown

Matt and DJ cover Tuesday’s 11-game NHL Daily Fantasy slate, going over DraftKings prices as well as key trades made on Monday and some hypotheses about how those trades will impact the DFS landscape.

Tune in for news, notes, and top plays on Tuesday, in order to give yourself the best chance of winning!

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Morning Skate Podcast – 2/25/19 NHL Slate Breakdown

Brandon MontourMatt and BrandonMontourDJ team up to cover the BrandonMontour DFS NHL 6-game slate on DraftKings, with top plays, top stacks, and a number of strong value options to make your team work. We also talk about Brandon Montour to the Sabres, and I may still be dreaming.

Tune in for relevant news and notes that could impact your lineup building process, and stay tuned to our Twitter @MorningSkatePod and the GroupMe (DM us on Twitter if interested) for the latest developments across the league, and rapid fire DFS impacts.

Brandon Montour.

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Morning Skate Podcast – 1/14/19 NHL Slate Breakdown

Join Matt and D.J as they take you through Monday’s 6-game NHL slate, touching on key areas to focus on as you build your lineups. With some uncertainty, especially out of Edmonton and Philly, and slate-defining decisions to make elsewhere, you’re going to want an overview of top plays, GPP stacks, and areas to keep an eye on as Monday progresses.

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Morning Skate Podcast – 1/4/19 NHL DFS Slate Breakdown

Catch some of Matt Moody’s (@FakeMoods on Twitter) favorite plays (and not his cold!) as the Morning Skate Podcast returns from a holiday hiatus. Matt breaks down Friday’s 7-game slate, highlighting stats to note, injuries to be aware of, and tons of other useful tidbits for your DFS lineup construction process.

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Morning Skate Podcast – 12/28/18 NHL Slate Breakdown

Matt and DJ take the show on the road (greetings from Los Angeles!) and quickly run through the relevant news and notes for Thursday’s DFS NHL 13-game-slate on DraftKings. The Sim is back, so check it out at and keep in mind that The Sim won’t be fully able to account for the numerous changes likely to occur at AM skate on Thursday morning for each team after the holiday break. Stay tuned for further all-inclusive analysis at The Morning Skate Podcast, with further integration of the Sim to come.

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