Morning Skate Podcast – 11/19/18 Slate Breakdown

Matt and DJ (with a visit from longtime friend-of-the-pod Technical Troubles) cover the weekend’s notes and how they pertain to Monday’s NHL DFS action. A nine-game slate loaded with options is a great way to start the week, so tune in for injury news, top cash plays and our favorite GPP stacks to get your lineup building process started!

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Morning Skate Podcast – 11/15/18 NHL Slate Breakdown

Matt covers everything you need to know for Thursday’s nine-game DFS slate with lots of news and notes affecting the action.

Included within: Praise for DK’s tournament selection, injuries to note, guaranteed goals and much more!

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Morning Skate Podcast – 11/13/18 NHL Slate Breakdown

Matt and DJ walk through a 9-game Tuesday slate with lots of value and lots of good places to target. Which ones will ultimately wind up in your lineups?

Tune it for news, notes, injury considerations, and a whole lot more as the MSP crew walks through the slate going position-by-position with Guaranteed Goals and Top Stacks at the end of the show.

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Morning Skate Podcast – 11/1/18 Slate Breakdown

Join Matt for a journey through Thursday’s 12-game NHL DFS slate, getting up to date on the news and notes to be aware of heading into the night’s action.

As a heads up: I think I just entirely glossed over Dustin Brown, keep him in mind for cash games at the wing position (and to stack with Kopitar), as I have him as one of the highest floor wingers for his current price. Zoomed right by him when discussing that tier of wingers.

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Morning Skate Podcast – 10/25 Slate Breakdown and MSP SHIRTS!

Matt covers the ten-game Thursday slate on the pod (zzz…) but not before DJ chats with JustDishin COO Nick Ciavarella about the Morning Skate Partnership with them. They will be producing shirts for us, so if you are interested stay tuned to the pod and our Twitter, as we are currently producing them and will have them for sale shortly.

Follow them on Twitter @JustDishin and visit their website to see some really cool merch, Sabres and otherwise. (May I recommend this Phil Kessel hat with 10% of all sales going in support of the Testicular Cancer Foundation). Thanks to Nick for taking the time to talk to us about what they do and how our little DFS NHL community can be a part of something pretty cool over there as well.

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Morning Skate Podcast – 10/23 Slate Breakdown

Matt and DJ dive into an awesome DFS NHL slate from a watchability perspective, with great games all night as well as a schedule conducive to catching as much as the action as possible!

Tune in to hear news and top plays for the DraftKings main slate, and be sure to use those insights on some of the smaller slates, as those can be just as fun.

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Morning Skate Podcast – 10/18 Slate Breakdown

Matt and DJ cover news and notes for Thursday’s DFS NHL slate, including cash plays, top stacks and guaranteed goals.

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